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    Saturday, October 29, 2005

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    Allpromdresses, Fashion, Tutoring, Resources & Prom Dresses

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    Beautiful Dresses and Gowns Worn by Stars and Hot Designers

    Allpromdresses, Fashion, Tutoring, Resources & Prom Dresses

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    The beautiful dresses and gowns worn by stars and the Hot Designers who Design Them:

    1. Hilary Swank looked great in a simple Calvin Klein gown. 2. Check out Teri Hatcher wearing a stretch Donna Karan gown. 3. Eva Longoria looked superb in an Oscar de la Renta dress. 4. Check out the long train of Cate Blachett's Jean-Paul Gaultier gown. It's the kind of dress for a carefree party, an easy Spring afternoon. 5. Diane Lane's wore a Monique Lhuillier jade chiffon gown. 6. Nicole Kidman went with a Gucci dress with a blue peachock feather detail on it. 7. John Galliano dressed Charlize Theron for Christian Dior. 8. Emmy Rossum wore a sophisticated Ralph Lauren dress. 9. Vintage Valentino for Jennifer Garner who also had a 12-carat diamond crescent by Harry Winston. 10. Kate Hudson wore a chocolate brown gown by Versace. 11. Vera Wang dressed Mariska Hargitay in a pink, dusty-rose satin gown. 12. Renee Zellweger went with a black dress by Carolina Herrera. 13. Minnie Drive had a Randoph Duke, V-neck gown with floral embroidery. 14. Star Jones Reynolds wore a $7 million diamond brooch from Chopard. That's enough to turn a few heads and attract attention to E! Entertainment. The mother-daughter duo, TV Guide Channel's Joan and Melissa Rivers only wore black. Now that's enough for a good competition between the two programs on the red carpet. 15.

    Now are you ready the Oscars? The Golden Globes Awards ceremony is like a dress rehearsal for the Oscars. The dresses worn tonight will also influence many prom girls, quincenera girls and homecoming queens to shop for the same dresses and gowns. Who does not like to appreciate a well-designed dress worn by an elegant woman?

    The Marriage of Music and Fashion: Think about Faith Hill, User, Alicia Keys, Mick Jagger etc

    Allpromdresses, Fashion, Tutoring, Resources & Prom Dresses

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    You may wonder what he'd say about the sex appeal and swagger of Usher Raymond. Would he even appreciate the blingbling master jeweller to the rap artists, NFL players, NBA players? "Sexiness" sounds a little dodgy to me, trying hard with low tricks. It's not about cheap cruising in a cheap outfit but about authentic sexuality. you have it or you don't. No need to dress like a bunny to advertise it.

    Furthermore, he added that fashion is totally connected to street culture and has been under the influence of rock since the fifties. "I truly believe the most interesting phenomenon to emerge is this new generation of bands, like the Libertines and Franz Ferdinand. It will, without any doubt, be the most influential movement in men's fashion for the next couple of years.

    Hedi has some advice for men. "Every man should own a black jacket that is very well tailored, a white shirt or simple T-shirt, a good pair of jeans, simple black shoes or boots..."

    What did he have to say about thin and big, like in thin and big guys? "Thin is better with clothes. Big, in terms of shape, is better without clothes," he said. He soon realized he can't legislate people's taste and choice. He corrected himself soon. "It's a matter of choice and taste. Diets are available for men, too." A question for Hedi could be the following one: How many men have you seen suffering with anorexia nervosa?

    He had some good observations about American men. "There is an ease with American men. They have a really particular, casual way to wear sophisticated clothes, which I love." How come he did not say much about American women's high sense of style, fashion and sexiness? All he needs to do to be inspired is to look out through the windows and peer down from the skyscraper? Maybe he can't see these beautiful women of all shapes wearing the best designer clothes on the streets of New York, Chicago, Manhattan Financial district, San Francisco, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara?

    The American professionals can be seen wearing designs by Ralph Lauren, Energie, Abercombie & Fitch, Y-3, Hermes, Paul Smith accessories, Ermenegildo Zegna, Banana republic, Barbour, Jean Paul Gaultier.

    Fashion is on the street. It starts on the runways but ultimately finds validity on the streets by pedestrians and passersby who are shocked to notice it.

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    Hot Designers who dress Stars

    Allpromdresses, Fashion, Tutoring, Resources & Prom Dresses

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    The star of Michael Jackson is on trial. His persona is being looked into by the judge, sheriff, district attorney and jurors. But his sartorial style continues to turn heads.

    On day 1 of his trial, he wore a white three-piece suit with lots of jeweled baubles at the waist and a gold armband.

    What does he wear on Day 2? Being the king of Pop, Michael may think he is not a common man before the law. There is no white shirt and black suit for him. he wears a black suit and a red shirt with a choker pendant, a brocade vest and a royal crest.

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    Fashion Fit for Prom, Quincenera & Homecoming

    Allpromdresses, Fashion, Tutoring, Resources & Prom Dresses

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    Grammy Awards Fashion Fit for Prom, Quincenera and Homecoming

    Who Wore What by Whom

    In my opinion, Alicia Keys wore the most glamorous dress at the 2005 Grammys. She wore a satin gown. Christina Milian wore a wrap-style dance dress accented with white beads. Ashanti wore a dress by Gucci. It has gold discs. Jennifer Lopez wore a green gown with a gold-and-silver sparkling halter strap and beaded sash around her hips. Gwen Stefani first wore a black minidress then changed to a white outfit to perform. What other remarkable dresses have we seen lately?

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